Got annuities? Could hidden costs and fees be killing your returns?

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Annuities are some of the most complicated, poorly understood “investment” products on the market. Annuities are actually life insurance policies which often pay high – sometimes extremely high – commissions to salespeople to promote them. For this reason, they can sometimes be pushed even when they are not the best solution, especially when claims of “no fees” or “I’m paid directly by the company” may hide the real cost and motives for these high commission products Many people who buy annuities don’t understand them, and often come to regret purchasing them.

Internal costs – for life insurance, riders, administration, subaccounts, and more – can be very high, and very hard to spot, buried in fine print and multiple documents that most folks don’t know to ask for or want to read. Surrender charges and other penalties can be severe. And, unlike many other investments, taxation for annuities can be surprisingly fierce.

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